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What is Prevnet Network?

Prevnet Network is a European network of bodies promoting the use of ICT in alcohol and drugs prevention and other psychosocial and addiction problems. Prevnet operates as a strong, professional network of more than 40 organisations.

Prevnet is about sharing experiences on topics such as: What is a good website like for alcohol prevention? Cannabis knowledge tests: are they useful? How can we use social media in our work? 

Contact e-address: aino DOT majava AT a-klinikka DOT fi

Prevnet News:

See recent good practices of ICT prevention on Members' products and practises site

Members' products and practises site

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(Posted: 10.02.2012)

Prevnet membership survey

After a few years of silence we are coming together as Prevnet Network. We wish that you answer a few simple questions concerning your membership. It is an asset to us to have you as a member - what kind of hopes do you have for Prevnet Network?

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(Posted: 10.02.2012)

Message from the retiring President

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(Posted: 12.12.2011)